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RISD students inspire each other to push their own limits in the studio. But finding a healthy balance between work and play—between focused studio time and a more broad exploration of the enormous opportunities this community affords—is essential to getting the most out of a RISD education. The idea is to be open to a full immersion in creative exchange, whether it’s at a gallery opening, watching The Nads at play on the ice or relaxing with friends.

被多人轮到站不起来-Feel the comforts of home

被大肉捧征服的妇人- Dining

Students appreciate the organic, locally sourced ingredients and delicious meals served at a range of welcoming dining spots on campus.

被多人轮到站不起来- Housing

A step up from typical dorm living, RISD housing offers a range of options to meet the individual needs of art and design students.

Since the best creative work happens in an open, inclusive environment—and often emerges late at night—RISD offers ready access to studios and other work spaces. Campus housing, dining and transportation options support this flexibility while ensuring safety. For instance, once the RISD Rides shuttles stop running at midnight, you can still call for a free door-to-door ride until 3:30 am.

被多人轮到站不起来-Find support from a caring community

  • 红怡园在线视频- Wellness

    At RISD students balance the intensity of studio learning with dance, sports, yoga and other ways of keeping physically and mentally fit. You’ll also find ready support from our professional health and counseling services providers.

    被黑人玩得站不起来了- Safety

  • RISD Public Safety officers work 24/7 to ensure a safe campus and help the community keep informed and aware.

    被黑人玩得站不起来了-Student stories

    被大肉捧征服的妇人- A New Academic Year Begins

  • As part of ongoingOrientation activities, the president and provost welcome new students andfaculty at Convocation 2019.

  • 红怡园在线视频- Ready to Compete on the Runway

    Isabel Hajian 19 AP sculpts bold cotton eveningwear for the Supima Design Competition at NYFW.

  • 被多人轮到站不起来- Advocating for Active Transportation

    Maharam Fellow Cornelia Overton MLA 20 is contributing and learning through a summer internship at Walk Bike Nashville.

    被大肉捧征服的妇人- more stories

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