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被黑人玩得站不起来了-Current exhibition

红怡园在线视频- Large Format

被多人轮到站不起来-Architecture students


through Oct 6

                          Woods-Gerry House, 62 Prospect Street / 1st floor

                          被黑人玩得站不起来了- See more images on Flickr

                                  Activating the entire first floor of a stately 19th-century mansion, RISD’s primary gallery for undergraduate student work features group exhibitions throughout the academic year. Students in all majors learn from the experience of preparing work for exhibition, helping to mount shows and engaging in conversations about their work and that of fellow students in the context of exhibitions open to the public.

                                  五月丁香俺去区-An engaging series of ever-changing exhibitions

                                  During fall semester and Wintersession, the gallery hosts a series of group exhibitions focused on student work from all 16 undergraduate majors. During spring semester the exhibition schedule is equally full, with a series of shows featuring work by seniors.

                                  Relaxed and festive, Thursday evening exhibition openings at the gallery provide opportunities for members of the entire campus community to come together and share an interest in the work students in disparate departments are producing.

                                  被多人轮到站不起来-Campus location and contact info

                                  Woods-Gerry House
                                  62 Prospect Street, 1st floor
                                  Providence, RI

                                  Gallery desk: 401 454-6141
                                  Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm; Sunday, 2-5 pm

                                  被黑人玩得站不起来了-Past exhibitions

                                  被黑人玩得站不起来了- Pre-College Majors Exhibition


                                    July 31 – Aug 2

                                    红怡园在线视频- Rug Burn


                                    May 9 – 14

                                    被黑人玩得站不起来了- Senior Show


                                    May 3 – 7

                                    被大肉捧征服的妇人- Ceramics + Printmaking Senior Show


                                    Apr 26 – 30

                                    五月丁香俺去区- Senior Exhibition '19


                                    Apr 19 – 23

                                  • 红怡园在线视频- Glass + Open Media Senior Show

                                          • 红怡园在线视频-

                                            Apr 12 – 16

                                            被黑人玩得站不起来了- Movers and Shakers


                                            Apr 5 – 9

                                            红怡园在线视频- Senior Exhibition


                                            Mar 22 – Apr 2

                                            红怡园在线视频- Painting Senior Exhibition


                                            Mar 14 – 19

                                            红怡园在线视频- Endless Scroll

                                          • 红怡园在线视频-

                                            Mar 8 – 12

                                            五月丁香俺去区- ID Senior Show


                                            Feb 28 – Mar 5

                                            五月丁香俺去区- Painting Senior Exhibition


                                            Feb 22 – 26

                                            被大肉捧征服的妇人- J+M Triennial: Shape Shifters


                                            Jan 18 – Feb 17

                                            五月丁香俺去区-Curated by Marie-Jose Van Den Hout

                                            五月丁香俺去区_红怡园在线视频_被大肉捧征服的妇人_被多人轮到站不起来_被黑人玩得站不起来了Copyright @ 2003 - 2019.Company name All rights reserved.