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Spanning the gamut from traditional goldsmithing to experimental processes and materials, Jewelry + Metalsmithing offers a tight-knit community of students and faculty fully engaged with the discipline. Critical analysis and an open exchange of ideas support each individual's exploration of the relationship of jewelry to the body.

五月丁香俺去区-Degree programs

4-year undergraduate degree
MFA / Post-B
2-year graduate program / 1-year post-baccalaureate program

Undergraduate and graduate students bounce ideas off each other and work in close proximity as they hone technical skills and become adept at working with a wide range of metals and other materials.

                                  被大肉捧征服的妇人- Curating a Retro-Futuristic Show at MAD

                                  Alumna Kellie Riggs 11 JM curates a retro-futuristic jewelry exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.

                                1. 被黑人玩得站不起来了- Shapeshifters’ Show

                                2. A dazzling exhibition at Woods-Gerry Gallery presents an overview of RISD’s evolving Jewelry + Metalsmithing programs.

                                  被黑人玩得站不起来了- Bare Bones Beauty

                                3. Visiting artist Luci Jockel MFA 16 JM transforms bits and pieces from animals into wearable art that points to the fragility of nature.

                                  J+M majors graduate with a strong grasp of their individual expressive capabilities and a solid foundation on which to build a career as a jewelry artist, production designer, metalsmith, teacher, gallery owner — or any number of entrepreneurial pursuits that involve designing and making.

                                  被大肉捧征服的妇人-Alumni at work

                                4. 五月丁香俺去区- Tzu-Ju Chen 00 JM | jewelry designer

                                  Balancing a studio practice with her position as senior jewelry designer at FGX International, Tzu-Ju Chen creates work that incorporates artistic traditions from around the world. At FGX she designs products for labels such as No Boundary and Style & Co. and works closely with art directors, clients and overseas vendors. Chen draws inspiration from various cultures encountered during her travels — including her year in Rome as part of RISD's European Honors Program. A subsequent Fulbright Fellowship in China further fueled her research into working with unorthodox materials.

                                  五月丁香俺去区- Lauren Tickle MFA 09 | jewelry artist

                                  In her Increasing Value series, Lauren Tickle makes materialism explicit by using American dollars to create brooches, cufflinks, necklaces and more. After being selected one of eight winners of the international Preziosa Young 2013 Design Competition, Tickle took part in an exhibition that traveled to Italy, Germany and Poland, and also took home the Inhorgenta Munich 2014 prize. Closer to home, she creates work sold at the MoMA Design Store in NYC, among other venues.

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